Furniture is the collective term defined as movable items that are used to make a space suitable for living or working. Furniture is also used to hold objects to store things. Furniture can be a product of design and is considered a form of decorative art which can be passing from one generation to other generations. Furniture has become part of human life without furniture house or other commercial buildings like office, hotels, restaurants, hospitals looks empty .Furniture is made of various materials such as iron, wood, aluminum, plastic and leather.

History of furniture

  • Neolithic Period– In Neolithic period (5,500-2,500 B.C.) Invented stone dresser and stone cupboards use for storage items.



  • Early Modern Europe– In 500-1500 A.D. Chairs were popular for seating purpose and were often made of heavy oak with exquisite artistic designs.


  • 19th Century– In years of 1801-1900, the intricate designed chairs were often used by the wealthy at dinners.


  • Early North American– In 20th century , furniture was more basic and made of necessity versus fancy artistic and detailed designs; basic dressers for storage and simplistic chairs and stools for sitting were often made of woods such as cherry or walnut color


  • Modernism– In post World War II (1945 & after), simple, sleek furniture designs were influenced by artists, chairs representing basic seating needs in combination with artistic designs became very popular in this era.


  • Ecodesign– In 1920 , when people was aware for environment they can  replaced wood such as bamboo, bamboo table is the  examples of Ecodesign furniture used for holding items, without draining Earth‘s resources.


  • Contemporary– From 1970’s  onward modern designs invented in furniture, it is all about now and the future, Furniture crafted by aluminum and iron.


What Is Industrial Furniture

There are different types of furniture mankind use on daily basis like table, chairs, bed, desk, sofa , cabinet etc. for better comfort and changed the way we live and work.

 Interior designing is continuously improving and launch new trends. Industrial furniture is also revolution collection which gives different look to the home inward.

Industrial furniture is crafted from combination of wood and metal or wood and leather.


Why we choose industrial furniture

  • Industrial furniture easily blends with the other furnishings in the house.
  • Industrial furniture is affordable as its cost is not so high and repays its value with year of use.
  • Industrial furniture having durability factor.
  • Industrial furniture can be designed and shaped into unique forms.
  • Industrial furniture is effortless to maintain.
  • Appearance if industrial furniture is fantastic and feels special.


The Best Industrial Furniture

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