Industrial furniture manufacturer

Akku Art Exports has been a manufacturer & exporter of Wooden, Industrial and Leather Furniture for the past 6 years.

Actually, we want to give a unique creativity and a great quality of products to our clients. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record of the best customer satisfaction.

“Our timely service is the reason our clients stay!”

We never compromise on the quality and the services provided to our customers. Akku Art Exports believes in keeping its customers happy by providing them products at a very competent price. We have an excellent staff who will guide you with their best ideas by keeping in constant touch with your company and informing about the market trends.

furniture manufacturer

Akku Art Exports has the perfect products in the field of vintage, industrial & wooden furniture. We give a wide range of products & a great quality of ideas to change your ambiance into something you always wished for.

Our company has two separate manufacturing units: one for iron and one for wooden products. Then, we have a polishing & finishing department. It will give the perfect final touch to your products which will provide the final great look to the furniture. We have a specialized department for the exact and proper packaging before exporting the products.

We properly process the raw materials used in the manufacturing, by giving all the required treatments to the woods & iron, to make it moisture free & rust proof respectively. Akku Art Exports also provides the proper protections to the furniture products before exporting, to prevent any further pesticide or fungus attacks. Our team also uses various types of wood for the wooden furniture. For example, we use mango wood, acacia or recycled wood. We use a great quality iron to build strong, long lasting & rust free industrial furniture.

You can get the always dreamed loft furniture here with Akku Art Exports. Design your interior with the beautiful & unique designed vintage industrial furniture.
Make your dream ambiance by giving it an advanced look through great quality furniture!

Product Categories

Akku Art Exports has 3 major ranges of furniture.

Industrial Furniture

To start with, you have the industrial range. It is a mix between Iron and Wooden furniture. Consequently, it gives an unique style which you won’t find anywhere else.

Wooden Furniture

Secondly, we have the wooden range. As we deal with different types of wood such as mango, recycled or acacia, we need to treat them in a best way to give our customers the best quality. To make wooden furniture, we have specified steps. As the wood is a natural material, we have to make sure it is protected against any moisture or damaged. Firstly, we put it in a hot-temperatured seasoning chamber for it to be strong and long-lasting. Then, we keep the wood the most natural possible. Due to this natural process, you will be able to see its natural curves and colors.

Leather Furniture

In the third place, you have leather furniture. As we offer different type of furniture such as sofas, chairs or stools, our Customer will definitely find his happiness in our ranges.

Either you are looking for iron, wooden or leather furniture, you will always find handmade furniture at Akku Art Exports.

We can adapt our products as per customer’s requirement. Consequently, you can choose the color, size, finishing of the product you want and your ideas will become a reality. Indeed, if you have some design, some ideas of a new product, let us know and we will transmit it to our qualified team.

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