India, the country of solid wood

India is a country of solid/hard wood. In this country, from a long time we use manufacture solid wooden furniture. Even, since the time of Kings and Queens, India deals with Antique furniture, old wood Furniture. For example, you can find unique wooden doors or cabinets.  As India has a big history with wooden furniture, this country is now famous for its wood’s quality and antiques products.

Solid wooden furniture play a key role in India. In fact, we can even call it the back bone of India’s Economy. Thanks to this, India has become the second largest manufacturing hub in field of wooden furniture. Manufacturers sell and export an huge quantity of containers only in the solid wood furniture range. As a matter of fact, many big companies from all around the world are sourcing and importing wooden furniture from India. Indeed, they know that India is the best place to stop to find solid wood and they trust in the High quality of furnishing.

Akku Art Exports & wooden furniture

Akku Art Is a manufacturer and exporter of wooden furniture from a long time now. From the establishment of our company intil today, we have grown by manufacturing and exportiing wooden furniture to more and more countries. From the beginning we give so much importance to maintaining our high quality in products. We do not use only words but we follow one simple principle which is:

We don’t sell products, we sell experience

Our Company is dealing with 3 types of wood: Mango, recycled and acacia wood.

We have our own wooden seasoning chambers for the drying process of wood. It helps to control moisture in wood, from right to left and in the central part of it. The wood’ seasoning lasts two months. After this period, we can start working on it. Then, a 15 days process of chemical treatment to protect the wood from wood bugs, fungus, or any kind of things which would damage the wood is applied.

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