industrial furniture range

         Industrial furniture range

Nowadays, the most searched range in the furniture category is Industrial furniture range. Indeed, it has become the most popular one from last decades. In this current world, we see everywhere all type of furniture. Therefore, the industrial furniture  stays the more appreciated. Years behind, only restaurants, cafes or bars were showing industrial furniture. In opposite, from the last decade we can see its popularity increasing. In fact, the industrial range of furniture becomes more and more attracting and loved by people.

Every day, interior decorators, designers create new designs of industrial furniture. They even use this style in house, restaurant decorations and many more. We now cut out old traditional of furniture style and start developing envy for new ranges.

A  big designer once said “A house without furniture is not a home”. I thought this was true. Indeed, after coming in the furniture sector, I personally felt that a house is nothing without furniture. You can’t live without it. Furniture are the first element you buy when you move into it. You will see it, live with it every day of your life. It will see you growing, changing, and it will bring you many memories. Just as a house, a restaurant is not a restaurant without furniture. According to the furniture you choose, you will choose the style and atmosphere of your home, restaurant, bar etc. For example, if you want couples to come to your restaurant and have a romantic dinner, there will be furniture that will make that mood to happen, and some not.


Furniture, a new need of life

Furniture is the 4th basic thing you need in your life after food, clothes and house. 

When we started manufacturing furniture. we were just making furniture to sell it. But from now on, I realized that furniture is not just a “thing”. It connects with people very beautifully. When you make people happy with your designs and developments, you connect with them and see their happiness. In my point of view, Akku Art Exports’ major principle is not to just sell  “A Thing”, we try to offer happiness via our designs and long experience. We are trying to connect with people thanks to our grow in the Industrial furniture range and many others. We want to be and offer an unique style.

In my words ” We are not selling furniture , we are serving happiness”

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